Why get Six Sigma Certified?

Why get Six Sigma Certified?

6sigmastudy´s certifications are widely accepted. Many organizations worldwide have adopted Six Sigma and Lean in order to increase quality of the outputs and to reduce cost.

For you as an individual;

Join the growing community of certified professionals in the job market. There is a great demand for professionals that are Six Sigma certified.

For organisations;

Staff that is Six Sigma and Lean certified will help the organization improve the level of project management. And that leads to increased ROI ( return on investment).

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What is Sig Sigma?

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a result oriented methodology which improves prosses. It is data driven and customer focused. It uses techniques and statistical tools to systematically eliminate defects and inefficiencies. It is a systematic method that helps to analyze and measure the business processes by identifying critical factors that are affecting business results.

Six Sigma has its origin in Motorola Inc. in the US in the 1980s. It was a data-driven method in the electronic manufacturing processes helping to reduce variation. It became well known in 1995 when General Electric implemented the method to their successful business strategy. Today the method is used all over the world as a business performance improvement methodology ( in construction, government, banking and finance etc).

Six Sigma creates a team of experts within the organization by using a set of quality management and statistical methods ( Executive Leadership, Champions, Black belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt).

Six Sigma reduces inefficiencies and defects in a company and thereby improves quality. It helps to reduce costs and improves productivity. Also, it improves customer satisfaction.

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