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Intraproces can help your company function more efficiently by taking your current situation as a starting point, whether it is Project Management or Leadership Development.

We offer a tailor-made course, so you get the optimal benefit from our services. Intraproces’ services are based on a solid experience base and various educations and certifications.

Presentation by Carsten Jermiin Wredstrøm
I am passionate about project management and have worked in this field for more than 25 years.

I have worked on many kinds of strategically important projects in various industries. This includes projects led by traditional as well as agile methods.

I have gained experience in finance, IT, health, transportation, utilities, public service, industrial product development, industrial production, consulting, and humanitarian aid. The experience comes from private and public companies in Denmark and abroad.

I have a degree in engineering and a Master of Business Administration. For the last 12 years, I have been a certified senior project manager (IPMA level B), and I am also certified in other agile and traditional project management methods.

In addition to my practice management experience, I have built up valuable competencies from my work as chairman of international organizations in project management and humanitarian aid, as well as a private primary school.

In most cases, I can help you with challenges in one or more of your projects and develop and improve your project organization and processes.

Presentation by Ingrid Feldbæk Wredstrøm

I’m part of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, which means I’m part of the world’s largest leadership organization.

The Maxwell Leadership certified team consists of Maxwell certified “Coaches, Trainers, Speakers” who offer Workshops, seminars, “Keynote speaking,” and coaching within individual and professional leadership development. With more than 30,000 members in more than 150 nations, the Maxwell Leadership Ceritified team is the largest leadership certification program in the world.

I am a trained teacher from N. Zahle’s seminary and have many years of experience helping people navigate different aspects of life. I help people understand principles within good communication and that good leadership is connected with personal development.

 I have experience as a city council politician and have been involved in politics for several years. I also have years of experience in management and negotiation at various levels. Being the founder of a private school and school principal for some years, I have gained an understanding of how complex an organization can be. In addition, I have taught for many years and know how to convey knowledge in an easy-to-understand way.

Let me help your organization/team understand the principles of communication and personal development using Maxwell’s management principles

Carsten Jermiin Wredstrøm


Ingrid Feldbæk Wredstrøm


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